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Jimmy Page on Rockline (radio show)

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I have  a cassette I made from the radio show Rockline probably about 30-35 years ago.

Per the thread title, the guest that week on the show was Jimmy Page.

If anyone isn't familiar with what Rockline was, it was a 90 minute program with songs and interviews.

It seems Jimmy Page was on the show several times but I'm trying to nail down the date of the show I recorded.

Besides the talk between the host and Mister Page are the following songs:

The Only One


Make Or Break

Wanna Make Love

Custard Pie

Prison Blues

Since I've Been Loving You

Blues Anthem

Obviously this show was done  after Outrider was released in 1988 but how long after?

By the way, the Maxell XLII tape still sounds as good as the day I made it. I did edit out the commercials too.

I know the tape will someday fail so I bought a Tascam CD recorder to preserve it, for personal use only obviously.

Unless of course any actual Zeppelin members want a copy, LOL!

What COULD be the date is depicted in the current EBay image below. For $120 I'm glad I taped it myself!

Thanks for any help figuring out the date of the show and rock on.



Jimmy Page Rockline Tape.jpg

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6 hours ago, Todd K Stearns said:

Obviously this show was done  after Outrider was released in 1988 but how long after?



Jimmy Page Rockline Tape.jpg

The show aired three days after Outrider was released. Outrider was released June 19, 1988. The Rockline website is still up and has a timeline that confirms Jimmy Page appeared on the show June 22, 1988 - https://web.archive.org/web/20150624120251/http://rocklineradio.com/archivehistory.php

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Thank you for an excellent resource.

I've read that Jimmy Page was a guest on the show several times but I don't see him mentioned again for the next few years after

the June 22, 1988 entry so I'll definitely go with that.

Today is the day I get to figure out how to use my new CD recorder and preserve my tape for years to come.

Thanks again, I appreciate the information.

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 I was successful in making my cassette into a pair of CD's. I've never done that before so it was a learning experience. Not too bad once you learn how to do it.

I managed to score another Rockline episode featuring Jimmy Page. This show was aired on May 28, 2003 and already came to me in the CD format.

The CD's are the ones sent to the radio stations for broadcast use by the producers. I think this was a good score, especially for 40 bucks.


Information from the seller:


"This is an original Rockline program on two compact discs sent out to radio stations to be broadcast May 28, 2003.  These are not replicas or dubs of the original discs.

The show is an interview with the one and only Jimmy Page and part of the long-running Rockline series.
There was no cue sheet provided for this but here is the Rockline press release about the show:
Even though we have been graced by the biggest superstars in Rock over the years, the final Wednesday in May 2003 was a watershed program for ROCKLINE. One of Rock's absolute legends, Jimmy Page, joined us for an evening of conversation focusing solely on Led Zeppelin. The two disc "Led Zeppelin DVD" and the three CD "How The West Was Won" audio package had just been released, and Jimmy wanted nothing more than to spell out the history and the behind the scenes information of how it all took place. Not just the recording and the production, but also what was happening with the band when those magical moments actually occurred. Although Jimmy had been a frequent guest on the program over the years, this was the first time he wanted to discuss Zeppelin and Zeppelin alone. We relished the appearances he made as a solo artist, as a member of The Firm, with The Black Crowes and the Page/Plant Project, but this was truly special. So special it bears repeating. Rarely is a show as informative and captivating as this one. We hope you'll mark your calendar and make plans to join us as we rebroadcast this historic event. Don't miss this Superstar Encore show with Jimmy Page, exclusively on the next ROCKLINE! -bc"

RLJP 5282003.jpg

RLJP 5282003B.jpg

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