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Robert Plant thinks the concert is going to be dreadful?

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They are dropping the pitch of the instruments, not changing the keys.

I can't help but think that there are going to be a lot of disappointed people when they get to hear this gig. From what I read, there are too many expecting a trip back to the 1970's. Cream received a fair amount of criticism for their concerts three years ago: Clapton not using Gibsons/Marshall stacks, and the fact that they didn't play like men in their twenties any more. As has been posted above by the wiser contributers, people change; often for the better. You can't expect people to be the same as they were 35 years ago. I always tell those who complain: go and look in the mirror. What were you like in 1972? Quite.


The song will remain the same........meaning who cares what sound is being developed by them.....but may i say, expecting them to play a Danmark radio session or a show at the madison square would be foolish....its common sense of a human being

The Disappointed ones, if there will be any, will be entering and leaving the show......"Mindless" and more ignorant than a bald man

~why wear a hat?~

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not to beat a dead horse.........but i just listened to Mothershipfor for about the 10th time in a row taking a trip down LZ Memory lane and.... I was thinking that it would be amazing if anyone would even have a speaking voice after that abuse to the vocal chords..i know no one expects so either almost 40 yrs later...but not only the recording of them but the THOUSANDS of concerts and the smoking jeeze most people probably would be speachless. Yet he releases a blue grass cd which I love the sound of and I don't even like bluegrass!

I know Boz Scaggs often uses a vapor microphone if his voice is acting up...plus it looks so cool with the different colors of steam etc...tho i can't picture Robert using one....

Also i think it is nice that they are changing their instruments to accomodate Robert's instrument..... :D and i know it will sound just great!!!!!!!! just wish i could be there.

I'm sorry they are squabbinly a bit...but under the circumstances it's understandable all bands squabble....maybe a 24-48 hr time off now like "spa" time family time whatever...would relax things thendig back into it.... perhaps a dress rehearsal about a week before the show with a small crowd in (but the exact set up & set list perhaps shortened as for the concert) to check it out and get feedback (somehow this should be able to happen)...would also help.

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