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Mr. Jimmy (Akio Sakurai) Documentary

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It was absolutely fantastic.

A story about a meticulously focused passion that is...unobtainable.

Akio Sakurai's care and attention to detail in reproducing Page's playing, sound, stage performance, and wardrobe is awe inspiring. He's goes to incredible lengths to make things a pure reproduction, yet he's constantly on a pursuit to find the absolute perfection that still alludes him. Most often, it's the "cover" musicians he plays with that let him down. They simply don't understand the obsession, or even, what makes Zeppelin and Page so essential. They just wanna play the studio hits. Therein lies my only criticism of the film. They spend a good portion focusing on the cover groups Akio attaches himself to, that aren't worth a drop of his sweat.

This will do well on the award circuit this year. It's a very well done film. I brought a friend who IS NOT a Zeppelin geek, and she throughly enjoyed the story. We both wondered if we had anything in our respective lives that we are THAT passionate about, and we were stumped. Ha!

Definitely see this film, in a theater, with a good sound system. With more of an audience, I think this film could inspire a lot of people to digest Zeppelin on a deeper level. It's that good.

The movie poster is beautiful as well. I'm on the hunt for a full sized print at the moment.

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