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"In the Light" documentary on Sky Arts

Zep Hed

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  • 4 months later...

According to IMDB this 4-part series dates back to 2008. There were some clips from the Seattle'77 video, allegedly copyright "Superhype Music Inc" from the titles. See here (latter part of post) for company filing details of "Super Hype Music Company Inc". Same one? The Seattle video quality was nothing to write home about. Dave "Tight But Loose" Lewis is one of the interviewees so perhaps he can cast some light on this production. Over to you Dave...


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If they're attributing footage to Superhype Music Inc then that's an outdated attribution - there are no currently trading businesses under that name in the US or UK. Superhype Music existed in the UK from 1974 to 1985, and it's likely another company with the same name existed in the late sixties and was shut down by the early seventies.

The New York State business records referenced in the Discogs post refer to a Super Hype Music Inc set up in 1991 and shut down in 1997 and registered to an accountancy firm in New York, I haven't been able to show a link between that business and Led Zeppelin.

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I believe these are basically the four parts in the series. Some repackaging over the years in different presentations.

Part One: Formation and LZ I
Part Two: LZ II & III
Part Three: LZ IV
Part Four: 73-80


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