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Live at the Laurel Pop Festival - July 11th, 1969

Sticks of Fire

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27 minutes ago, The Only Way To Fly said:

Pretty sweet find - looks like it's 8MM and the camera runs a little slow. This results in making Robert look like he's freaking out. Killer footage indeed - where's the rest! 

Haha.  I notice that too.  Possibly done on purpose during the transfer stage.  But easily fixed.   

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This post says it's from a 2013 independent documentary about the alleged Wheaton IL gig on Jan 20 1969. Apparently there is no audio. The film was called Led Zeppelin Played Here, by Terry Kulik. It was made into a DVD. Anyone see it? I can't find it anywhere on the internet. the Laurel pop footage is supposedly going to be used for the upcoming LZ documentary.  🤔

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3 minutes ago, Sticks of Fire said:

Sounds like some real treasures. I absolutely like the July 1969 shows.  All of them are superb.  👍

What i meant by ‘look at my signature’, theres a video of laurel pop under whatever i type, unless your using a phone i guess. Yeah great shows, sad theres no audio. But If i ever get the footage again I will share it immediately

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