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Found my stubs!

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Oh man. I just had to post this, gotta tell somebody, especially someone who understands. I just found my Zep ticket stubs, the ones I'd given up hope of ever finding, they've been missing for 15 years.  Going through some stuff, first I found a bunch of Fisheads catalogs, Proximity order forms, lots of old '90's era stuff. Then I found a xerox copy of the stubs. I was happy enough with that, hey at least I have a copy of 'em. But digging deeper there they were. I couldn't believe it. Even found my original copy of the Rose Bowl ticket for '75. Anyway, just had to say WHOOOOO! Here's some scans The blue and red one is for the Badgeholders show.  Maybe I should've posted in the "What made you happy today" thread. So now the question is where do I put them this time so they won't go missing again? Hmmm....



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So awesome! Glad you found them. I have a bunch of Fishead catalogs too. I used to order quite a bit from Eric in the old days. Also had a membership to Proximity. Have a bunch of copies in a box buried somewhere in the garage. JCM just put out a great episode on YouTube of the For Badgeholder show. Well worth watching if you find the time. Cheers 

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