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Four nights in 1979


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Two nights in Copenhagen, two at Knebworth Park. The only four shows Led Zeppelin played in 1979. I can guarantee you'll hear these sets as you've never heard the entire shows before.

Two audience recordings from Denmark supported with stills images of the band, two full-length videos from England. Audio that puts you right there, as if standing just behind the on-site sound mixer. Or alongside the tapers in Copenhagen. Enveloping, in-the-house concert audio delivered in [tisdu]. Links await you.


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Hi. You trump me, then, as my only experience of Zeppelin live was in Melbourne, (Australia, well, duh), in 1972. That said, if you've ever revisited your being there experience of the show with any of the many CD and DVD variations made available over the years, the sets I am offering will get pretty darn close to the auditory experience that you remember.

Minus the mud, the push and gentle shove of thousands of other fans, the trip in, the ears-ringing trip home, maybe the new friends made, the fan commitment deepened... all the stuff that comes with having been there when.

Nothing can replace those memories, but the better the presentation for revisiting those memories, definitely 'the better', no?

If you like, I can provide the link for a sampler clip from whichever night of Knebworth you attended, and if you want the full show then, you know where I am. 'Cause now I know where you were all those years ago, and colour me envy!


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