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Mr. Jimmy Sakurai - Best Jimmy Page Impersonator EVER!

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Why does the world need a Jimmy Page impersonator when Page himself is still alive?

Agree to this.

Usually I hate impersonator though Jimmy keeps us waiting.I think it is better to watch and listn to the real Zep stuff.

But I got to admit that I was impressed by the great Youtube 77 tour copy. Maybe cause I never saw the real 77shows anywhere.

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Who needs impersonators, period!? dry.gif

Give me the real thing or give me nothing! :rolleyes:

Seriously, I enjoy playing and hearing other bands playing covers from their influences and "tribute" bands etcetera up to a point but this obsession with trying to BE them is creepy, unhealthy and shows a great lack of self esteem, IMO.

Another gem from the land of karaoke.

Translation; Drunken fool with microphone trying to sing.

Yes, I've been pissed enough in the past (before iPhone videos etc.) to attempt it, but was too drunk to remember the (bad) experience and thankfully nothing was ever documented although my "friends" have still reminded me of it over the years. :drunk:

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Jimmy Sakurai is an amazing guitarist. He's invested the time, money, and effort to duplicate Jimmy Page's style, tone, and act.

I own a guitar magazine featuring Jimmy Sakurai and all his "tips" on how to play Led Zeppelin songs and duplicate the Jimmy Page sound. He's simply, amazing!

JUN626 on YT is another great guitarist, but he only plays the parts on guitar, not Jimmy's act on stage. In fact, none of JUN626's TYT videos even show his face for whatever reason. The dude just wants to show he can play in the JP style, which he does amazingly well. In fact, he's brilliant! His rendition of "Immigrant Song Live" is simply amazing.

Jimmy Sakurai is part of a tribute band that travels the world performing. I'm not sure if he's still performing or not but if he ever makes it Albuquerque-way, I'll be sure to catch his act!

Stay hard.


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22 hours ago, cgab1 said:

A great deal of Jimmy’s charm was that Godlike, angelic face. Sakurai is no clone, in that respect.

Totally agree, and have zero interest watching some clown aping Zeppelin. Seems like something a little kid would do. Lol. 

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Actually I was on the verge twice of either auditioning for a Zep tribute, or being almost automatically accepted by photos,

video, and playing( this being 95' to 97', cassette !!!). Anyway one opportunity came from a friend who tried out, sort

of got the job, but then passed. Back then I was 5'11, 140 pds with somewhat wavy dirty blonde hair. Strike 1, which was 

one of my friend's gripes, a van....people who are light sleepers, disaster. It doesn't matter if you have the $$$ to sleep

at a nice hotel, some days you'd be traveling 400,500 miles. Strike 2, being trapped in Page's physical and musical

mannerisms, for a whole show. Cool for a few songs, not 2-3 hrs. Strike 3 is unusual, but used to happen to me

when I was auditioning or forming my own band, I sounded too much like Page according to many. So being in a tribute

band would not at all necessarily open other doors. I have seen some very good Zep tributes, but as some mentioned

it would be far more interesting if the band added their interesting ideas to Zep songs. I don't look down on the tributes,

but to do that for a long time, regardless of success, I couldn't do it.

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3 hours ago, Charles J. White said:

I'm not really fan of this kind of thing to be honest - it sort of bores me, why listen to a copy that in my view is less authentic when you can have the real thing?

I initially felt this way as well, but after hearing Led Zepagain's cover of TSRTS ("Fourth Night in NY"), I was blown away by how good Sakurai is, he really is faithful to Page's playing.  Obviously no substitute for the real thing, but still worth checking out.



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There are certainly elaborate ways on the internet to talk to yourself!  ;)

If a cover band is good it's ok, but I think they should not dress like the band and also play other bands covers.

If someone can copy someones style really well and makes it part of his style it's alright, but Sakurai just focuses on copying Jimmy in every detail and

he is really good at it.


As far as posting your own covers on forums it's ok, but you should perhaps not post it in topics about other people's covers and take good care it doesn't look boisterous, needy or argumentative, because even if you were just a bit clumsy, once it happened you don't have much right to try and convince people how it was meant, but eventually they except you if you are alright.

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Ha Ha. Actually when I was 20,21 I was good, but not good enough (guitar) to nail competently a whole Zep show. So

me and some friends saw some Zep tributes, none amazing but better than we could play, so It was not bad. I agree

for a substantial amount of Zep fans, the tribute thing is dead in the water. However and including Jimmy Sakurai,

there are many Zep tributes around which don't focus so much on the visual aspects of the band(well, Sakurai), but

try to recreate a particular album with maybe 5,6 musicians, or a particular live show.with just the 4. This stuff doesn't

interest me now, as I have moved onto other musical goals, but of stuff I have heard on the Tube, there are some really

damn good recreations touring around now. I think this stuff is easier to digest when you're much younger, I could see

how it could look silly if you're over 40 or something. Ah, who knows.

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