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John Paul Jones - The Thunderchief

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hey gang, i ordered this cd and received it today. came home, put it in the stereo cd player and cranked 'er up!


very well done! sure a couple tunes are mellow, haunting, dramamtic, but i wouldn't be happy if they DIDN'T exist on the cd.

one of the toe tappin' tunes that stands out is Shibuya Bop.

the remaining tunes are rockin' hard heavy beats. good driving tunes, not much vocal, and if there is, it's JPJ and he can't sing, lol. but he doesn't have to be a great singer, becuz the way he sings fits the tune.

JPJ can play the guitar amazingly, almost as well as pagey, i say ALMOST ;)

i recommend it. 4/5 stars. and if it grows on me, i may be back to rock another star. i realize it has been out for a few years, but i haven't seen it before *emabarassed*


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