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What are your favourite performances?

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to me:


Jimmy's are ACHILLES LAST STAND and HEARTBREAKER(How the west was won version)


Bonzo's are ACHILLES LAST STAND, THE OCEAN and, of course, MOBY DICK

what are yours?

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In my opinion, the best songs performed by Led Zeppelin are as followed:

jimmy page: since i've been loving you, nobody's fault but mine, and of course black dog

robert plant: Dazed and Confused, Rock 'n' roll, and whole lotta love

john paul jones:dazed and confused(of course), NO Quater(for the keyboard work),and d'yer maker

JOHN HENRY BONHAM: moby dick, achilles last stand and the song remains the same

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I personally think its unbelievably hard to say which is their best in the fact that Led Zeppelin covers a variety of genres and you would really have to choose which one is best for each. If you really want to get technical and say which was their best "performance" not so much their best performance of a song, that's even hard to say as well as music is just noise that you find pleasurable, making all taste individually chosen. I haven't seen all their stuff mind you but I think they played long and well enough that by the time they hit Madison Square Garden their songs and performance were at their best. I like the whole show except Jimmy looked stoned out of him mind (which he probably was).

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Robert: SIBLY, The Battle of Evermore

Jimmy: STH, Achilles Last Stand

JPJ: string arrangment for Kashmir... Achilles Last Stand, No Quarter and Hey Hey What Can I Do (each for the respective instrament JPJ played on the track)

Bonzo: In My Time of Dying, When the Levee Breaks, and liver version of Moby Dick

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Best Page performances have gotta be...........

The Song Remains The Same-the playing is white hot, and the multiple guitars, and the way he had to adjust it for live performances are all amazing

Ten Years Gone- On "All That Glitter Is Gold"(studio outtakes) the electric demo gave me a new appreciation... I knew there were so many layers, but to listen to his idea come to fruition on that studio boot is quite breathtaking, and it fully explains his genius without a word being uttered.

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