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Ürümqi, the capital of Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is a large region in central Asia that is governed as an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China. The region's ethnic composition is highly diverse, and is composed of numerous minority groups - 45% of its population being Uyghurs, and 40% Han, who are the majority ethnicity in China. The region's capital, Ürümqi, is a heavily industrialized city of over 2.3 million people, approximately 75% of whom are Han, 12.8% are Uyghur, and 10% are of other ethnic groups.

Tensions between Uyghurs and Han have existed in the area for several decades, especially in recent years. With the increasing pace of influx of Han, some Uyghurs believe that they are gradually being squeezed out, both economically and politically, and say they are denied the rights to worship and to travel. They also reject what they see as cultural imperialism from Beijing, which has for example ordered the demolition of parts of the Kashgar old town. Instances of violence and ethnic clashes around Xinjiang include the 1997 Gulja Incident and the 2008 Kashgar attack, as well as the more widespread 2008 Uyghur unrest preceding the Olympic Games in Beijing. On the other hand, some Han people are dissatisfied by government policies which they believe favour Uyghurs, and believe laws are more lenient towards Uyghurs than towards Han people.

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Future Led Head :D :D (small girl) and some dude on the concert


Messages. Beside Smells like green spirit also: Do you hear the trees falling? Act like you live here. What are your children going to breathe?.....


This is from Exit festival. More pics are going to come.

Edit: I had to post these somewhere. :unsure:

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An arrowhead I found in Colorado last year...


The area I lived and hiked, swam (in the creek below) and arrowhead hunted...


The swimming hole and a jumper !! :D


Let's see yours !!!

Nice arrowhead! I found this arrowhead at my local pub, had trouble picking it up though


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