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The Worst Band Ever

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What band/songwriter, when you hear their music, makes you want to leave the room, change the station (but, really, who listens to radio anymore?), or tell your buddy his taste in music needs serious revamping?

I, for one, cannot tolerate the Mars Volta. I despise this band. Many people find these guys "cutting edge" or "creative". To each his own, I suppose. Surely I can't be the only one to believe their "music" to be utter garbage.

If you've never heard them, just imagine a decent riff/melody. This melody spans for, oh, about 45 seconds to a minute and a half, then disintegrates into about 6 - 15 minutes of absolutely horrifying "soloing". By "soloing" I mean aimless clanks & various other sounds. I'm not even sure if the song is bookended by the initial melody, for I can never make it through the entire thing.

Please, Mars Volta, stop trying to be innovative.

Oh, I nearly forgot the Decemberists. This band is the embodiment of pompousness. But they're so "literary", right? Wrong.

So, what band spoils your breakfast? Feel free to vent.

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I can't stand the Mars Volta either, but I couldn't get past the singer's voice to pay attention to the music, so I don't know-know about the music.

There are a lot of bands I hate, but I don't know who I'd say is the worst ever. Probably technically Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Nickelback and/or Creed. I also can't stand the Who, Aerosmith and Queen--those are huge "I have to change the channel now or I'm gonna lose it" bands for me. There are several artists that do that to me, too. As for the four others, I don't listen to stations that play them whenever I find myself listening to the radio (which is rare, thankfully).

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My Chemical Romance sucks the biggest donkey dick in the world...BTW, I fucking love the Mars Volta....saw them live and was blown away....I don't get why people are always in a hurry....so what if a solo is six minutes long (reminds of when people bitch about a movie being three hours...you just paid like $12 to get in and you're in a hurry to leave).....I agree too, Bon Jovi sucks!!!

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(reminds of when people bitch about a movie being three hours...you just paid like $12 to get in and you're in a hurry to leave)

Are you talking about TSRTS because people did that were I was.

I don't know what band sucks the most but I have a long list. I'm going to go with most screamo bands though.

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A few bands that I hate....


Linkin Park



Oh my god P.O.D.--they are way up the list of the worst for me. I also hate the others you mentioned. And Red Hot Chili Peppers (as someone else mentioned). Again, my list is very long.

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Don't know about the worst bands ever, but i turn the dial when upon hearing-

Bob Seger

Bruce Springsteen

Bad Company

Cept for maybe four songs..the whole Rolling Stones catalogue.

For God knows what reason, my local classic rock station seems to have decided that they're going to play Seger's "Fire Lake" every chance they get. That is the WORST SONG EVER and every time I turn on the radio -- there it is! So, I feel your pain on Seger. ;)

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