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Folk singer John Stewart passes on.


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Folk Singer John Stewart Dies

Jan. 20, 2008, 5:34 AM EST

The Associated Press

SAN DIEGO -- John Stewart, who wrote the Monkees' hit "Daydream Believer" and became a well-known figure in the 1960s folk music revival as a member of The Kingston Trio, has died, according to the band's Web site. He was 68.

Stewart suffered a massive stroke or brain aneurysm and died early Saturday at a San Diego hospital, the band announced on its official Web site.

"The world has lost one of its best men, but a man who lived well and made many people happy with his love, his wit and his music," the announcement said.

Stewart joined The Kingston Trio in 1961, three years after the band released its version of an old folk song, "Tom Dooley," that went on to become a hit. Stewart replaced the band's founder Dave Guard, who had left to pursue a new musical direction.

Stewart spent six years leading the group, during which time the band recorded 13 albums, according to its Web site.

After the trio disbanded in 1967, Stewart went on to an acclaimed solo career that included recording more than 40 albums.

Stewart's wife Buffy and children were at his side when he died, the Web site said. Plans had not been announced for memorial services.

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Another one?

Man...this is not good.

RIP John.

I know....this stuff always happens in waves.

My parents were Kingston trio fans....and my mom is from Kingston.

Kingston Kingston Kingston..... :mellow:

RIP John Stewart

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The Earth Rider - The Essential John Stewart 1964-1979

track# song name track time

1 Song for a Friend (2:35)

2 Signals to Ludi (3:08)

3 California Bloodlines (3:13)

4 Razorback Woman (2:27)

5 Some Lonesome Picker (3:10)

6 Mother Country (4:54)

7 Willard (3:32)

8 Clack Clack (2:23)

9 Earth Rider (2:49)

10 Daydream Believer (3:33)

11 Little Road and a Stone to Roll (3:35)

12 Kansas Rain (2:27)

13 All Time Woman (3:20)

14 Anna on a Memory (3:05)

15 Armstrong (2:40)

16 Chilly Winds (3:35)

17 Road Away (3:37)

18 Wheatfield Lady (2:11)

19 July, You're a Woman (Live) (4:45)

20 You Can't Look Back (Live) (1:49)

21 Let the Big Horse Run (3:48)

22 18 Wheels (2:44)

23 Gold (4:21)

24 Midnight Wind (4:20)

the earth rider - the essential john stewart 1964-1979 - album credits

Peter O'Brien Interviewer

Nick Venet Producer

Bergen White Arranger

Mentor Williams Producer

Rod Wilson Interviewer

Glenn A. Baker Liner Notes, Concept, Annotation, Compilation

Fred Carter, Jr. Producer

Warren Barnett Mastering

Alan Duffy Design, Layout Design

Greg Klein Design, Layout Design

Kevin Mueller Assistant

Peter Shillito Compilation, Concept

Pete Frame Interviewer

Ray Coleman Interviewer

James Wyeth Sketches

Ian McFarlane Assistant

W. Patrick Harper Cover Photo

Peter Asher Producer

Chip Douglas String Arrangements

David Kershenbaum Producer

The Kingston Trio Vocal

John Stewart Guitar, Producer

Lindsey Buckingham Guitar, Producer

Stevie Nicks Vocal Assistance

From AMG.

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