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Mine is Stairway To Heaven,no really,it is!I think it's the best song ever no matter how stereotypical it is of a rock fan,Zep are definately the best band ever and the first song you hear them play you will forever associate with the day you first saw the light,when you first hear Zeppelin,you feel that up until that exact moment you've never heard any real music and will be forever in love with that first song,Stairway was my awakening,also my 'lil sis HATES it so listening to it is a real treat.

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For many years it was Achilles last Stand, but since Dec 10th last year it has to be Kashmir as they didn't do ALS but did Kashmir and I guess my top 2 have swapped around !!! I just have that image and sound of how impresive Kashmir was live, not like hearing it in the P/P gigs ten years before, this time it really kicked some serious butt !!

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Wow I've been sitting here for 5 minutes and I really can't decide. I'd have to pick Kashmir or No Quarter just because they become absolutely magical live. But the feeling I got when I first heard Good Times Bad Times (or any of I) is undescribeable.

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