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have to agree with evster, whichever is playin--they are all my favorites--one nobody mentions much that I love is ahhhhhhhhhh can't remember the name--shame on me--

but it goes like this

ya didn't have to leave me a total disgrace didn't have to throw that beer in my face

ahhhhh i remembered Hey Hey momma whats the matter here.

I probably don't have it written exatly right but yall get me drift.

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Black country woman...thats my hey hey momma--and Ive no idea whether or not its talked about much :rolleyes: But I still say no favorite cause I love it all..custard pie was reallll good when I was u tubin hey hey momma

didn't have to leave me with that beer on my face..thats how the line goes....

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Since I've Been Loving You has always been my favorite. I especially love their bluesier songs, and that one blew me away the first time I heard it. (But I love them all; my other favorites are constantly changing).

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Too many to choose from for too many reasons. I thought long and hard about this but I cannot. Most bands have the obvious subset of masterpieces, but not Zep. All the songs are all excellent.

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How on earth can anyone choose thier fav Zep song?!! Too many options, too many moods, too many memories... ;)

All things considered "Stairway" has to be the one despite other flirtations over the years...

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