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Do you really believe?

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It's all the power of suggestion. If someone were to listen to it for the first time backwards, without being told what to listen for, the would have a very very hard time picking out intelligible words. But once you tell them what to listen for, they will hear it.


I remember in my Psychology 101 class we did an experiment about sensations and perceptions, and my professor played "Another One Bites the Dust" backwards. Supposedly, it contained the message "It's fun to smoke marijuana" but I couldn't hear it until my professor told us what it was. And even after she told us, it was still hard to hear it.

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Anyone up for a night of Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz? I'll buy the popcorn!

If you play KISS ALIVE backwards, it will tell you to give Gene Simmons all of your money.

There's no escaping it. The one will be the fat one and his name is Simmons.


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I am sick and tired of people saying if you play stairway backwards there is a subliminal message. Does anyone else beleive this? I think it's BS but I could be wrong and I don't care if I am. I would still listen.

Yes, I do.....but why would you stoip listening ? Subliminal messages backwards or forwards are real things.....but they have been scientifically proven to be unable to effect your behavior in any way shape or form. So relax....enjoy the 35 plus years of speculation. It's all good.

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