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best song off presence

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Far and away the BEST song off of Presence is "Tea For One". Easily the most haunting song ever to come out of the Zep machine. Robert's vocal work on this track is some of his best...ever. The entire band really shined here and I personally believe this is their most under-rated cut in their amazing catalog. I cannot listen to this song and not get chills. A sad, sad song. And yet, one of my all-time favorites.

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My first thought was Hots On For Nowhere, but then I thought Achilles Last Stand. And then I went wait, no I love Royal Orleans. After that my brain went into overload and decided that there isn't one, and that Presence is a great album.

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favorite song off presence. i don't think i could pick one even if someone put two random songs

off it on a single and asked me to chose one. why don't you drive me insane already. offer me the choice between a pizza ferris wheel or a dunking booth filled with the floating carcases of

all the carnies in my life.

a.l.s is is one of the most powerful and majestic songs ever by any band , nothing comes close to it's intensity.

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