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best song off presence

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I love the whole album. Achilles and NFBM were great but NFBM was seriously overplayed in the late 70s. My actual favorite is Tea for One. I thought that it was much more polished than the earlier and similar Since I've Been Loving You. Of course that's natural enough since Page and the band had matured quite a bit by then.

The lead on TFO is simply mesmerizing, light-stringed, beautifully melodic quintessential Jimmy Page. As some of you grow older and experience some of the heartbreak of life, I think you'll appreciate that melancholy side of Page and Plant a bit more.

"Who's that walking across the stage, Jimmy 'magic fingers' Page.

Paul McCartney

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Tea For One. I know it's "SIBLY: Chapter Two", but what a Page moment in those solos. All done in one night.

For Your Life, Hots On For Nowhere, ALS, the sweet groove of Royal Orleans? Fuck me, who can choose?

I'll take the whole album, and be glad I have that option. :beer:

I agree. Can't choose one from Presence. It's just a great, great album. Nobody's Fault probably gets the most radio play but all the songs from that album are awesome. It's by far my favorite album.

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Achilles Last Stand, Tea For One and Nobody's Fault But Mine are my favourites though when I listened to the album yesterday I realised that it's simply excellent despite the talks about filler tracks.

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