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Are you getting old?!


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I was diagnosed with (a very, very mild case of) diabetes. I am blind no matter what, (my contact/glasses prescription is -5.75), but I was seeing slight doubles of everything--it was quite irritating when I tried to read anything. I got put on glucophage and started watching my sugar intake, and I lost a bunch of weight (which I was previously trying to lose unsuccessfully no matter how I ate and what I did for exercise), and my sight's better--as long as I keep the sugar on a reasonable level. I don't check my blood sugar or anything because it's very, very mild, but I can tell when there's an issue. I get low blood sugar and I eat--that usually solves the issues. When my blood sugar's not good--I start having eye issues again.

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Well, heck yeah I'm getting old.

Brain is still in the teen early twenties though, with the wisdom of real years.

I had the greatest time in those years.

I'm just glad we now have alot more geezers like me on the board these days.

When you squat down to get something on a low shelf and you can't get up because your knee is "stuck" that is one indicator.

In fact I may have to get my left knee fixed like I did with my right one, torn miniscus....ouch!

I'm just glad I was a teen when all the groovy stuff was happening. :)

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Well, let me tell you. Recently, my sex drive has gone down a bit, which is really strange. I don’t know what could explain that.

I have a good, youthful, healthy appearance mostly. Some days I look great, but now, some days, I wake up looking like a fuckin’ corpse (not that bad, but you know what I mean).

I think the attitude has changed. I’m more conservative. I’d have to think about it more in order to describe it properly. I’m just becoming a little older I suppose.

Of course this could all be temporary.

As far as medical stuff, my body is pretty beat up from being in the Army. I think my heart is messed up, and I think it has been for awhile. Could be from a defect, or stress, or my diet(I go through periods where I am the healthiest person alive, then I go through periods where I eat tons of fast food frequently). I always take everything to the extreme, so if I do something, it is a lot. My hearing isn’t as good as it used to be. The smoking has taken it’s toll surely, and I still doubt I will be able to quit. I really don’t want to know what is wrong with me or if there is anything. I’m not all that worried at the moment, thankfully.

I’m 24, but time is going by quickly.

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I'm 67 now, but am still energetic and playing the drums. Still a bit overweight but have dropped about 40 pounds since last march. The extra weight was making me depressed and I'd almost resigned myself to believe that I was just going to get old and fat, period. Fuck that! Cholesterol is slightly high, but blood work is good and blood pressure checked in at 109 over 69 last week.

Live long and prosper.

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18 hours ago, chef free said:

We are all getting older at the exact same rate, it's just that some of us started sooner.


The worst thing about being older is that you know how to help people and solve problems but no one will listen to you!

Yep, the good old Cassandra Complex

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