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It does grow so much better when you don't treat it like a weed.

Great marijuana does NOT like to be called a weed. I've seen what they whither into when neglected in empty lots and ditches.

As with prize-roses, they'll reflect the caretakers meticulous grooming and they respond in kind....B)

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does that work out good mate^

A lot of people really like them, mine mostly collects dust though, I like joints better. Alot of people claim to get much "higher" from vapor, I haven't noticed it myself but some people who have tried mine are obviously affected more than from smoking. YMMV I guess. Also alot of money for what you get.

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current favorites:

bubba kush

purple urckle

jack the ripper

super silver haze

OG kush

oh yeah man dig that, great great stuff it is at that

Blueberry Marijuana

Mauwie Wauwie Marijuana

Crystal Marijuana

Citral Marijuana

Ice Marijuana (must try)

just to name a small few mate, all must try though

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Mary Juanita

Description :

Mary Juanita cannabis seeds is a mix of our goddess "Light of Jah" and the good old Shiva, breeded by Shanti from "Amsterdam cannabis Seeds", my sincere friend and one of the finest breeders in Amsterdam. Mary Juanita cannabis became very popular because of her excellent qualities. Mary Juanita is an easy plant which doesn't grow too high, but shows an enormous grow potential especially when it comes to bud/stem ratio. An ideal plant for the starting haze grower.

taken from amsterdammarijuanaseedbank

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