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Request: Jimmy Page + Bonzo (full body)


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Hi, just wanted to say first of all that theres nothing better than led zeppelin, and I know it's really not saying much next to the 3 billion others in this world, but I really cherish everything about Led Zeppelin.

Which brings me to the fact that I have yet to find a 1920 x 1200 wallpaper for Led Zeppelin. So I decided to make a bunch in photoshop...(if anyone has any home-made ones that'd be cool to see!).


But I need some specific color pictures that I searched for here and around and couldn't find. I'm looking for a full body shot of Jimmy Page before '78 playing his signature Les Pauls and/or him playing his EDS-1275. Now I need to have a good look at the guitar in the pic. If theres pics of him in his "crowley" clothings (like at madison square) that would be even better. I also am looking for full drum set pic of Bonzo playing, which I can't find anywhere. If anyone has such photos and is willing to share that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :-)

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