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Your first Led Zeppelin album


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  1. 1. What was the first Led Zeppelin album you ever owned?

    • Led Zeppelin
    • Led Zeppelin II
    • Led Zeppelin III
    • Led Zeppelin IV (or whatever you want to call it)
    • Houses Of The Holy
    • Physical Graffiti
    • Presence
    • In Through The Out Door
    • Coda
    • The Song Remains The Same

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So which of those was first?snicker.gif

Really, thats fascinating. I find it hard to believe, but nothing suprises me with the industry here. Thats probably how AC/DC came aboutsnicker.gif. I didn't think that LZ I would have been released simultaneously here anyway, it always takes a bit longer for those sorts of this to make their way down under.

In That order.

Ist was I

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It was Led Zeppelin 1 on 8 track a gift from my cousin he also took me to see them at the fillmore on may 30th 1969 about 6 months later i got led Zeppelin 2 also on 8 track for xmas 69 i believe.The rest is an obssesion/addiction Zep Rules

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BBC Sessions-it came out not long before my 16 b-day(I was born in Jan 82), I begged my chubby gf to get it for me, then dumped her not long after. I listened to that cd religiously, then picked II,III,IV, HoTH not long after, then came ITTOD, and finally I borrowed I, Presence, and PG off of my uncle, <all within the next 6 months. My friends listened to em some before, but I almost immediately trumped them with adoration of the MIGHTY ZEP

Actually I just had my 10th anniversary of massive Zeppelin fanhood a few weeks ago. They were really the first band I got into, and they made an excellent starting point. They are the tree from which most of the stuff I now listen to is branched. Even when you think about bands that came before em, they somehow seem to be the past, present, and future of music. This, of course, is just one man's opinion. But I could make a pretty strong argument for it being fact.

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I voted that the first album I brought was Led Zep IV.Entirely true but not really indicative.The first album that I listened to was Houses of the Holy in 1974.

I was six years old, but still remember like it was yesterday.When I first had some money of my own to spend, in 1983, I first bought Zep 4 because it had Stairway on it, but within a month I had completed the set including Coda.I do not have a favourite Led Zep album.They are all classic.

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This is really tough for me to remember cause I had a 8-track tape of the 4th album and as I remember it had 2 extra tracks on it. They were "Out on the Tiles" and "Gallows Pole". The 1st LP I had was "Houses of the Holy". That was a long time ago and I can't really remember which one I bought first!! :mellow: I don't always buy things in order. :(

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I think I went in terms of buying CD's

Pink Floyd- DSOTM

Led Zeppelin I

Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin IV

Houses of The Holy

Led Zeppelin III

Physical Graffiti

In Through The Out Door

BBC Sessions

The Song Remains The Same


Presence- Biggest mistake of not buying it earler.

Pink Floyd- Wish You Where Here

Early Days

Metallica- Black

Latter Days

150 shitty albums and about 50 good ones

How The West Was Won- Last CD i Bought

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I was fifteen and a Yardbirds (and therefore Jimmy) fan, and I fell in love with that one first because of Tangerine, and then a few weeks later was my sixteenth (and Jimmy's sixty-third :blink:) birthday, so I dumped ALL the albums from my dad's computer (he doesn't like them but has all the albums from somewhere) and listened to them to celebrate our birthday, and that was pretty much it. Oh yeah, and then there's my groupie obsession, which received a thorough kick in the arse after I watched TSRTS not long after that...

What a long sentence.

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LZ IV - 11.17.07 B) I was 14 (well, I'm 15 now)

But I bought Presence, HOTH, LZ I, LZ II, BBC Sessions, ITTOD and Coda half an hour later.

LZ III and Physical Graffiti, in January, this year.

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the first ledzep cd that i bought was z1,2,3,4,houses,and in through the out door all at the same time at hmv a year ago.when i came home i listened to them all.i later got physical graffiti,and presence.i didnt think coda was worth buying because it was made after j.b died so i dont consider it a true zep album besides its not that good any way.

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