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Your first Led Zeppelin album


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  1. 1. What was the first Led Zeppelin album you ever owned?

    • Led Zeppelin
    • Led Zeppelin II
    • Led Zeppelin III
    • Led Zeppelin IV (or whatever you want to call it)
    • Houses Of The Holy
    • Physical Graffiti
    • Presence
    • In Through The Out Door
    • Coda
    • The Song Remains The Same

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The first for me was 'Led Zeppelin II' I bought it after hearing 'Bring it on Home' belting out from my friends older brothers bedroom. It was only a few months later I was in a queue outside a record shop in Newcastle upon Tyne (England) with many others waiting for the doors to open to buy the newly released 'House of the Holy'. I was 13.

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I bought all of them on the same day after i heard Whole lotta love and Black dog...

i just got into their music right away and they are my favorite band 'till this day (and undoubtedly for the rest of my life...)

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My first LZ album was II.

And yes Living Loving Maid rocks.

From early 1969 to about the end of 1970 the Australian music industry (read as wankers) introduced a ban on all UK & US imports.

The objective was to promote local bands and record labels.

With the exception of a few underground record stores most of the albums were brought into the country by expats or service personnel on leave from Vietnam.

It was virtually impossible to get anything let alone Led Zeppelin I.

Consequently, we had the unusual situation where LZ II was released officially before LZ I.

My first was LZII as well. Except I like Moby Dick and Heartbreaker more!

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Led Zeppelin (I)

was in an old record store the day it arrived out and fell in love with the music and geeeeetaring....and the orange zep was cool so, thot wow, lets have some of that my good man....lol

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My friend gave me the mp3s of Mothership, but I knew I needed more than just a greatest hits compilation. In particular, I was looking for In My Time of Dying, and none of the online stores would let me buy that song alone without the rest of the album, so I just decided to buy the CD instead. I was pleasantly surprised to learn just how awesome the rest of Physical Graffiti was, especially most of Disc 2 which didn't wind up on Mothership. It made me appreciate Zeppelin's softer side which I thought was under-represented on the compilation. I followed it up with II,III,IV, Coda, Houses of the Holy, In Through the Out Door, and finally Presence and I. Yes, Led Zeppelin I was the last studio album I got. :P I got into their live stuff more recently, with How the West Was Won. I bought the led Zeppelin DVD, The Song Remains the Same, and BBC sessions all around the same time.

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I don't have a "first" bought Zeppelin album. Here's why..................... back in the day, around 1981 i bought Zeppelin I and Zeppelin II at the same time from a record store on Yonge St. in Canada. They had all the Zeppelin albums on the wall and all on special. Damn i wanted to buy them all in the worst way but at 15 years old there was not a Whole Lotta (sorry) money to go around. All i could afford to buy were the first two albums.

When i got home i played the shit out of them!!!!! I still have them to this day.


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1st was - Led Zeppelin 2 - September - October 1975.

The 4th album was next .....

For Christmas 1975, my parents bought me..

Led Zeppelin

Houses Of The Holy

Physical Graffiti

My cousin's husband bought me LZ3... in 1976

Presence TSRTS ITTOD & Coda - were all 1st day purchases.

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None of the above.

In this order:

Best of Led Zeppelin Early Days and Latter Days (CD)

Led Zeppelin Box Set (CD) <--My Mom gave it to me for Christmas, is she awesome or what?

Led Zeppelin Box Set 2 (CD)

How The West Was Won (CD)

BBC Sessions (CD)

The Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same (CD)

Then I started getting the indivdual albums on vinyl starting with Led Zeppelin II and Houses Of The Holy which I got at a used book store.

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Well I live in New Zealand and around the time of the LZ came out it was about 2 years before it came here. Now I own all the LPs (onoly one of ITTOD), tha 4 CD Box Set with book, the 2 Box Set of the resty, How The West Was Won CD set, Mother Ship, LZ - Physica Graffiti on CD, the BBC Sessions, and How The West Was Won DVD series, Song Remains The Same DVD as well as so0me 'unautharised' books and some 'official' books.

All of this started withLZ LP back in '70

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I remember being a kid and sitting and staring at the album cover for Physical Graffit trying to figure out in my head where the building on the cover was actually located. It was my first Zeppelin album and I was hooked. When I visit a city for work, sometimes I find myself looking at old buildings hopeing to find one that looks like the cover of Physical Graffiti. I know it's odd, but that's me!

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I saw the movie, then bought the soundtrack (late 1979), my first studio album was their 4th, then I went and bought the rest, hehehehe. LZ II is my favorite of the studios, but nothing sounds better than live Zeppelin. Looking forward to adding Celebration Day to my collection.

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I buy the <Untitled> when I was so much young...

In fact, before I had heard "Immigrant Song", but did not know that the group was not as it was the song. I saw the cover of the album and I thought that song was "Rock and Roll", so buy <Untitled>. xD

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