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whats the best live shows you've been to?


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Rage Against The Machine - January 18th 2008.

One of my favourite bands, I thought I'd never see them live and I did. It was awesome.

Nice one !! are they touring ?? oops stupid question, I guess they must be ?? or was it a one off ??

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Nirvana ~ Reading '92

Therapy? ~ Rock City '93

The Levellers ~ Glastonbury '94, Sherwood Forest 2001 - I got lost!

Page & Plant ~ Glastonbury '95

AC/DC ~ Nancy, France '96

Metallica ~ Reading '97 and Big Day Out 2001

KISS ~ Finsbury Park '97 - People slag them off a lot, but they always put on one hell of a show. Also saw them at Donington the previous year and at Wembley in '99.

Slayer ~ 5 times at numerous venues between '98 and 2001, excellent every time.

Black Sabbath ~ Ozzfest '98, NEC '99, Ozzfest 2001

Motorhead ~ Wembley Arena '01 - Support from Anthrax and Hawkwind. Lemmy joined Hawkwind onstage for a couple of songs! I also saw Motorhead at Sherwood Forest in 2003 - I didn't get lost this time.

Hawkwind ~ Numerous times, always a good show.

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I had to think about this.

1. Guns & Roses 1991. I got lucky and seen them on a good night !!! It's the show that I remember the most song's from.

2. Jimmy Page 1988 Outrider tour. It was not to long after the Zeppelin Atlantic show !! I was A little worried but he kicked ass !!

3.Rush 1986. When Lee could still belt out the vocals !! my first concert. 2112 was awesome !!

4. Ronnie Montrose solo 1994. This guy can play !!!

5.Page/Plant Clarksdale tour. At the time I thought that would be as close to seeing Zeppelin as I would get. I hope they prove me wrong !!! Jimmy was great that night

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have seen many shows since my first one in '78 (Uriah Heap/Jethro Tull). some memorable, some not. I saw crappy ted nugent twice, two years in a row @ St.Louis arena...he swung out on a "vine" the second time i saw him. It was ok. Saw Queen, '81 i think...freddie had his head shaved...and wore all leather (i still didn't get it! They rocked, though.

LOUDEST concert i ever saw: Van Halen St. Louis arena ('79-'81?), dont recall date. Davey Lee Ass kept drinking from a bottle of 'jack' - i'm sure it was tea....i left this show with ears hurting!!!

Saw Black/Blue tour ('81?), boc and sabbath, that is. I thought both acts did well that night. This was sabbath's first tour since ozzy left the band...I guess 'heaven and hell'?

The BEST shows I have seen though are as follows:

1. Page/Plant '95 - stlouis

2. Page/Plant '98 - stlouis

3. The Firm '86 - stlouis

4. Ray Manzerak/Michael McClure - Cicero's 1991 (?)

5. U2 - joshua tree 1987 - stlouis

6. Robert Plant - muny, forest park 1988 (*)

7. U2 busch stadium stlouis (92-93?)

8. Iron Maiden San Diego sports arena (?) March 1985 (?)

9. Iron Maiden - stlouis, mo summer 1986 (? maybe '87)

10. The Firm Costa Mesa, Ca (march '85?)

*never actually got into the show, but since it was/is an outdoor venue in St.Louis' largest park, people have always been allowed to camp outside of the "venue" with lawn chairs/blankets, etc. They even have food/beverage vendors outside the actual ampi-theater...you could hear every song. I remember my best friend (rip) 'relapsed' at this show, a softball almost crashed through the passengers' window (where I was sitting!) of his car as we were parking! My friend asked my why i didnt try to catch it! And finally, i had an opportunity to get over one of the walls surrounding the venue. Unfortunately, my friend, who i got a ride to the show with, was in one of the outside bathrooms takin' care 'o businness when a section of the wall which was normally guarded, wasn't!

One of the guys scrambling over the wall reached down to grab my hand for the "pull-up". I felt responsibe for my recently relapsed buddyand he was my ride...so i had to decline my opportunity to see Percy. Instead, i did get to hear the whole show...this was Robert's first tour playing lz songs...the only one i remember him playing was "the ocean" and quite possibly "black dog". Not the best show i've been too, but it is full of memories...

Does anyone remember what lz songs robt. played on his "Now and Zen" tour? just curious...

EDITED TO ADD: some HONORABLE MENTIONS: Van Halen 1986 w/sammy, st.louis...much more enjoyable than King Pompous Ass...good show.


In 1987/88 I fell under the spell of the most noxious Guns&Roses...they were coming to the 'arena' sometime during that era-i think it was '88 by then. They were to come in support or Aerosmith (who i had never seen) in (i think) fall of '88. I had never been a fan of Aerosmith, stll aren't. I was going only to see G&R.

Long story short, G&R opened up, played like they were either drunk or extremely rusty...sucked to high heaven. Aerosmith came on and blew G&R out of the arena! I was very impressed and they did earn my respect that night. I stll have never bought one of their albums or discs (ever!), though.

LAST and definately LEAST happened (I think) in 1978. One of my grade school chums was a HUGE Kiss freak and I HATED THEM (still do!). However, when he told me he had two tickets to see them at the St.Louis Arean, I told him I wasn't interested. When he told me he he'd give me the ticket for free, I acquiesed and agreed.

While i basically held kiss in contempt (and still do), i agreed to go with him to the show. It was a spectacle, to say the least. This is when they still hadn't taken off their make-up and still spit the blood, the flame, the flashbombs, etc,etc. Certainly one of the greatest "freak shows" i've ever seen...the 'music' was definately secondary, though...

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Out of all the gigs i have attended. there has only been one or two that has really dissapointed me... Without mentioning any names, atleast not in this post...

The five gigs i will never forget and that has gotten a special place in me heart is these ones. In a random order:

- Satyricon in Fredrikstad 07 (Not me first gig with them, but their second gig in me hometown in one year and it was just epic. Sigurd kept his word, so hope he keep it again...)

- Metallica Oslo 03 (First Time i saw Metallica live)

- Black Sabbath Oslo 05 (First time i saw the Metal legends, and prolly the last time)

- Ozzy Osbourne Oslo 07 (Still have the ticket for his 03 Oslo gig that was postponed Several times and finally cancelled due to his quad bike accident)

- SLAYER Oslo 05 (Not the first time i have seen them, but this was at rockefeller, a small club, so intimate and just fuckin brilliant)

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Well, with a nod to Knebby and Chicken, my top three would be

Led Zep (Knebworth 1979 & O2 2007) and Cream (Albert Hall 2005)

To list my top ten, I have seen some killer gigs from the Who, the Stones, Miles Davis, Weather Report, U2 and Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Thin Lizzy and Bad Company were pretty good too, and I've seen Bowie a few times over the years, certainly worth catching...probably seen about 1000 bands over the years (about half of them at Glastonbury), but these are the ones that have stuck in my mind the most.

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The Eagles (02)

Dave Matthews Band/Neil Young (01)*

The Police (83)

Van Halen (Diver Down tour/Halloween Night 1980-whatever; that was the most FUN concert I've seen-Hampton VA)

(*) at 8.5 months pregnant :)

Honorable mention to a couple of fantastic shows in small college town clubs/gyms:

Peter Frampton in 1990-ish (front row; stood right in front of him!)

10,000 Maniacs '92?

Bangles and General Public (86?)

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