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What are you playing right now?

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You ought to try on Jesus Christ Superstar for size, if you haven't already. It has some good guitar and the songs are fun to sing, especially the parts that haven't aged well. David Carideen got me thinking about "One Night in Bangkok", and that got me thinking of singer Murry Head who was Judas in the Broadway cast recording of JCS I prefer. One of those songs was cracking me up the other day.. which one was it?!

Hi, Rokarolla! Yes I do like Jesus Christ Superstar. Agreed re: good guitar on it. Esp. "Pilate's Dream" --- nice travis picking in minor mode. Then it switches key. It moves up a fret. Beautiful singing by the actor who played Pilate. Love the opening lyrics there--

"I dreamed I met a Galilean, a most amazing man. He had that look you very rarely find...the haunting hunted kind."

I have the same version you mentioned--the Broadway cast. Yvonne Elliman sings "I Don't Know How To Love Him".

Re: the Murry Head song in it, is it the one right before he commits suicide out of deep guilt for the kiss? (that was sad) The one that made you laugh, was it "What's the Buzz"?

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Michael From Mountains by Joni Mitchell

(transposed--my voice is lower than Joni's) :)


Em9, D, Em9, D


AMichael wakes you up with Amaj7sweets

He takes you up Dm6streets

And the rain comes Adown

ASidewalk markets locked up Amaj7tight

And umbrellas Dm6bright on a gray back-Aground

There's Goil in the puddles

In taffeta patterns

F#That run down the drain

In Fcolored arrangements that EMichael will change

AWith a Dstick that he Afound


EmMichael from mountains

DGo where you will go to

C#mKnow that I will know you

BmSome C#mday, DI will Eknow you Ave - Dry Awell.


(then VERSE 2)

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Michael From Mountains by Joni Mitchell

(again) (the lyrics have more meaning for me this sad week) :(


Michael leads you up the stairs.

He needs you to care.

And you know you do.

Cats come cryin' to the key.

And dry you will be

In a towel or two

There's rain in the window

And sun in the painting

That smiles from the wall.

You want to know all.

But his mountains have called.

So, you never do.


Michael from mountains,

Go where you will go to.

Know that I will know you.

Someday I will know you very well.

Someday I will know you very well.

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Something's Coming

(from West Side Story)

Music & Lyrics by Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim, respectively



4 (time signature)

C D7

D7 C

D7 C

D7 C

(repeat whole thing)


Could be, who knows?

There's something due any day.

I will know right away.

Soon as it B♭shows.

(One quick strum of F chord, tacit)

It may come cannon-balling

Down through the sky

Gleam in its eye

Bright as a C, D7, D7, C, (like intro)rose!

Who knows?

It's only just out of reach.

Down the block.

On a beach.

Under a B♭tree.

(One quick strum of F chord, tacit)

I got a feeling there's a miracle due

Gonna come true.

Coming to B♭me! [etc.]

Next I'll try to learn Cool, same musical. :)


("Boy, boy, crazy boy, keep cool, boy. Got a rocket in my pocket...")[snap-, snap-, snap-, snap]


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I've been trying to play some more Zep stuff on my mandolin, the latest one being "That's The Way".

Wow, Bill M.! Very nice that you're in a tribute band! You play, the bass, harmonica and the mandolin!

Speaking of That's The Way, do you play it in G? Do your bandmates accompany on the guitar? That must sound fabulous! I do love seeing Zeppelin do that number in Earls Court on the DVD! Fantastic! All those strings. Well, as they say in show biz, "break a leg!" ;)

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Given to fly

going crazy with the chorus

You got to love the ending of the first verse. Eddie Vedder and a bottle a vino

i don't wanna play the zeppelin cause pretty soon youll start see little ones covering hey hey, what can i do and we don't need that yet.

have fun with chords and scales...

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ESP EC-1000 Ltd Quilted Cherry Red (quite the wrong guitar but the only electric I have at the moment). One thing I've noticed is the fretboard radius has a lot to do with playability for certain chords...


Black Dog - Zep

Good Times Bad Times - Zep

Over the Hills and Far Away solo - Zep

Free Will - Rush (will get to the solo later - beyond my skills right now)

The Trees - Rush

Back In Black solo - ACDC

Also - got the Circle of Fifths down now and moving into Scale Chords for minor keys (natural, harmonic, and melodic)

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Like a Hurricane - Neil Young

The riff to this is pretty cool, finger-picking the octave on the B string after picking it on the A. It's a good song to improvise parts to, because it's hard to tell what the heck Neil is playing sometimes. Sounds pretty good on my Epi LP standard with the bridge pup volume down a little through my Marshall MG100.

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Mostly been trying to figure out riffs by ear. Over the 4th of July I figured out the main riff of White Heat, Red Hot by Judas Priest and I'm pretty sure that I got Rock Bottom by UFO. Right now I'm trying to figure out N.I.B. by Black Sabbath by ear and also by looking at videos on Youtube of them playing it live.

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Just learned Bron-Y-Aur and The Rain Song. I also learned Michelle and Blackbird by the Beatles. I've been on a acoustic high lately.

On the electric side: What is and what should never be, Communication Breakdown, Foxey Lady, and most anything I can get my hands on.

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I'm thinking of making a video of myself playing Tangerine on all the instruments and doing the vocals, I have to borrow a drumset for that so it might take some time.

Other than that I finished learning Black Dog on guitar.

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Lately I've been on a KISS jag so lots of KISS has been coming out of my 1989 Squier HSS Strat with a Floyd, love that guitar. Black Diamond and I Want You are fun to play and the solo in Rock And Roll All Nite is contagious, amazing how much fun A minor pent moves are sitting on the coach pretending I'm Ace and mugging it up for my dogs. I've had a rough year so I made the switch to "happy" music for a while, no heaviness allowed in my house. May work out some Kool and the Gang stuff this weekend. Likley use the same guitar for that, I'm down to 6 after liquidating more than 20 to fund an emergency. May bust out the Charvel 475 Dlx just for fun.

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