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thank you sam!

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I would like to congratulate mr. Sam Rapallo for being chosen as the administrator of this new site, and take this occasion to thank you, sam, for your wonderful former site (Electric Magic), which i have been going to for many years now, and which i very much appreciated!

Much continued success, and thanks again, your work and dedication have, and will continue, to keep us informed, and contribute to the feeling of community, that , hopefully, is one shared by all of the people whom these wonderful artists we know and have known, and will continue to know, as Led Zeppelin have created in their wake!

May their legacy last for ever and ever!

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I never joined the forum on the old site but visited almost every day. What a fantastic choice they made in you Sam for running the official site. I have loved looking at the special effects you have put together over the years. Whether it be holiday visual specials, birthdays, historic band dates, or just rare and interesting stories you don't read about in the main stream. It's my pleasure to thank you for all the wonderful work you done, and continue to do.


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