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'Misty Mountain Hop' - A Millenium Tribute to LZ


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A close friend of mine who is a singer songwriter and massive Zephead (he bunked off school once to try and find Percys farm on foot! Got lost and had to call Brecon Beacons National Park rescue!!! He went to Brecon, not Monmouth!) has been approached through myspace by Versailles Records in Nashville.

They specialise in tribute albums and are releasing a 2xCD 'Misty Mountain Hop' - A Millenium Tribute to LZ. Disc 1 will feature LZ covers by ex members of such bans as Sabbath, purple,Guns n Roses and many more. Disc 2 will be unsigned bands from all over the world with an original song with obvious Zep influences. Major marketing will aid this release.

So, STEPHEN LIGHTis his name and you can check him out and make your own mind up on www.myspace.com/stephenlight or www.stephenlight.net the track the label has chosen is 'Cassady' which features a JPJ style mandolin and can be viewd on youtube as a promo video just search under stephen light cassady. Really good opportunity for him as he was thinking of jacking it all in!!!

Also just watched the 3rdeye footage of 02 awesome!!!

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