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Which Led Zeppelin Songs Would You Like Played At Your Wedding & Funeral?

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Too late for the Wedding

As for my funeral....... Anything that they want. It will be about them and not about me. A wake or something similar. ... They're choice

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Wedding: Hey Hey, What Can I Do?

Funeral: The Crunge.

:hysterical: This is the best response I've seen in here. As for me, I'm not getting married so it doesn't apply. And I'm still not sure how it's possible to care what's played at your funeral, so.....doesn't apply, either!

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"Thank You"

I got married in my own designed Swan Song Logo with for Symbols T shirt and played only Zepp at the reception. Pissed off a lot of people.


Has to be, "In my Time Of Dying" and as you can chose three songs for s funeral in England I would have, live versions of "Dazed and Confused" and "Moby Dick". That should piss even more people off having to stand for over an hour. Then only Zepp at the wake or no booze from me.

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funeral- Stairway (obviously), In my time of dying & 1 by the Stones, Sympathy for the Devil... as for wedding, it would probably have to be her choice, seeing as she isn't keen on Zep but she had to go to o2 because she got the email with the confirmation code!!! Saying that though, she walked out loving it!

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I told my husband that if I'm on any lifesaving machines and he is going to pull the plug per my wishes, to put my earphones on (even if I'm in a coma) and let me hear Kashmir one more time. Besides, if he is going to pull the plug, I'd like a warning. LOL!

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Wedding: Since I Been Loving You, Heartbreaker, Black country Woman, The Girl I love... :D

No, Seriously: The Rain Song (It's the song I was listening to when my dearly beloved finally asked me out :wub: ), Thank You, Dancing Days to lighten it up a bit

Funeral: IMTOD ("Don't want nobody to mourn" might make somebody feel better...), Over The Hills, Ramble On, Night Flight (Nobody's Fault But Mine :D JK)

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