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Your Username...why'd you choose it?

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well, i was making machinima with a mate once, and we needed subtle names that couldn't be seen.

Mine was a tilde (~), which at the time, i called a squibble, so when refering to the in game/movie characters...theres squibbles, and theres underscore.

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Basically, I love the Beatles, and they have a song Mean Mr Mustard, but I don't like mustard :)

Abbey Road is my favourite Beatles album after Revolver. "The medley" is awesome, I'm surprised we don't have a Polythene Pam on the board!

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Your story is interesting))

Well many of my friends have told me i looked like Robert's wife, and eventually even my parents startsed calling me Maureen sometimes)) so i thought here it would be suitable to choose this username, as i'm used to it)

You DO look like Maureen!

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I have been reading with utter fascination the usernames people choose, and I would love to hear the stories as to why people chose them and for some of them, what they mean! Even if yours seems fairly obvious, do tell why you picked it anyway.

I wasn't going to reply to this thread as I thought that my username was obvious. But then you asked to explain it even if it was obvious, so I will.

Ledsabbath is a compilation of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. I generally say that Black Sabbath is my favourite band, followed by Led Zeppelin. I did originally want to be "BlackZeppelin" but that username was already taken. And as this is a Zeppelin forum, I think it's appropriate to show Zeppelin honor around here by having their part of the compilation first. Only much later did I think of BlackLed, but I'm happy to have ledsabbath.

So there you go.

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Mangani...means 'ape' in Tarzan language. Edgar Rice Burroughs used a kind of simple language in his Tarzan novels...long before JRR Tolkien came up with his language in LOTR.

Always liked the word Mangani.

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When I was a kid, my father used to tell people that I would fight with my own shadow if I could :D Mohammad Ali was my boxing hero and people just started calling me "ally" for a joke. It stuck

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Awesome, I recognized that flower in your avatar as having to do with Ryan Adams :)

Yeah, you gotta love him.

Hate to say this on a Zeppelin forum, but I prefer Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley these days.

The Zep will always have a special place in my heart though.

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