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Your Username...why'd you choose it?

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i thought i had already posted in this thread, but it seems not....

funny to see all those names from long ago, and many banned ones, too ....

i chose slave to zep, because at the time i joined, i was really getting back into the band after not really listening to them much. it was kind of like discovering them all over again, and this time i had so many pics to look at, so many stories to read ... i was spending hours and hours on this forum, and not doing much else in my spare time, so i felt like a slave to it all.

( i still spend too much time on here, :(:) )

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Why would you change your initials, I personally think "clw" is a good name, it's honest.

well everyone else has neat names and mine is a no brainer!!~ You guys can call me Chris though

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I can't remember if I posted before but it's a different username than I had when I first joined .com in ther ice age before the site went official. It's one I chose about 10 -12 years ago for another site so also had it for this one when we had to re register.

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Mine are my intials, wish I could change it but then I suppoose I lose all my friends and posta and have to start over

Unless I'm mistaken it is possible to change your forum name without losing all your friends and posts; admin can assist.

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