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The Times They Are A-Changin' (for Zosodude13)


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Alot of the members fo the old board know my love for the band MC5... they are still one of my favorite bands right now... and Kick Out the Jams (my avatar) is one of my favorite albums of all time


its time for a change... a new album/band to promote and share my love for with the board... And I have narrowed down my choices to these 3 albums



Album: Its A Beautiful Day

Artist: It's a Beautiful Day

This is a great album from the San Francisco Sound era... its the sound Greatful Dead (in general) mixed with the strings of 'Kashmir'... a brilliant album


Album: The United States of America

Artist: The United States of America

Piper at the Gates of Dawn is probably the greatest psychedelic album of all time... but if anything can hold a candle to it... it would have to be this album... the only album with band ever released, it is a landmark album still...


Album: The Soft Machine: Volumes 1 and 2

Artist: Soft Machine

Its a combo of the band's first two albums... but its still as great... the best psychedelic/progressive/fusion album(s) of all time... it doesnt get much better then a song that is the the alphabet, and another song is alphabet backwards!

This is where YOU! the forum members, can decide! from today untill midnight, February 16th, 2008... send a PM to me with your vote... I encourage anyone with opinions and reviews of any of these albums to post here, and give a more comprehensive view of these albums!


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It's a beautiful day.

..to learn how to conduct a poll thread. :P

[i vote for the first one. ;) ]

I didnt make a poll because I wanted the results to be secret... is there an option to hide the poll results? and is making a poll an option in meet n greet? cause I didnt think there was one.

and thanks for your vote! :D

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