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Hot Pics of Robert


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Too funny, I was doing the excat same thing...:lol::blink:

me three. :lol: I was even covering my mouth. :blink:

EDIT: this is of course in reference to eternal light and Hotplant mentioning they were doing the same "pose" as Rob in some pics. :D

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So did someone in a Blender interview.

And in any case, it's not an insult, and he's not the sort of person to take it as such. :angry:

OK, I've had my say.

Enjoy this.


I've not been around for awhile, but this is a pleasant surprise to return to.

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Ok MSG, now the first picture of Robert has always been one of my favorites, but what is going on in the second one!!!!!!!! :o:o

I think they are just dancing. From the position of the girl's hand though, I can't be sure.... I couldn't blame her if it were something more, who wouldn't be tempted? ;)

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