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Hot Pics of Robert

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Naughty, Carrots! Perhaps you need to go over someones knee...


Thank you Julie! Robert and tennis are my two loves biglovesmiley.gif! Putting the two together is the cherry on top of the most delicious sundae!

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I'd take those blinding pants over these things :P

I just can't imagine him trying them on and thinking, "Hmmmm. Yea. These look good. I'll take 'em." :lol:


Um :blink:

"think of his tight jeans.... think of his tight jeans... think of his tight jeans".

Ok I feel better now. :rolleyes:

But it's still ol' Robert, so it's all good. :)

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Anyone for a game of Limbo!!! I`l go first.....I might need a few attempts at it!! ;)2097862903_2ac5843f97.jpg

:hysterical: Oh god, you guys are sooo cracking me up here!! I want to reply to so many of these posts but the damn flood control thing....

And yeah, I would LOVE to have at this game of limbo!!!!! :wub::wub:

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I have a book called Led Zeppelin A Visual Documentary by Paul Kendall. I got it when I was in high school eons ago. This picture from the book of Robert is one of my favorites... he looks so young and innocent.


I like that picture too. I may have to get that book!!

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I like that picture too. I may have to get that book!!

It has a chronology of the band (not always accurate), but mainly consists of photos, and yeah, it's nice to have. B)

I would recommend Led Zeppelin: Heaven and Hell even more strongly though (if you don't have it already) - that's a wonderful large format hardback book, out of print, but easily ordered used online.

And of course Neal Preston's Led Zeppelin book - still available on Amazon and elsewhere I think.

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