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Hot Pics of Robert

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Since this is a thread about hot pics of Robert, I thought I would ask all you ladies if any of you know of a youtube video consisting of pictures of Led Zeppelin and one of these pictures is, it looks like John Bonham swimming in the foreground and the main pic is the back of Robert getting out of the pool buck ass naked!!!!!!! It shows him from the knees up!!!!!!! OMG in Heaven, it was a thing of beauty!!!!!!! It was probably taken at the Riot House in L.A. I saw this video with this pic late last night and can't get it out of my mind and now I can't seem to locate it. :tears:

I tried to retrace my steps and scoured all possible videos, but can't seem to find it. Please do any of you know of this video or picture and can point me in the right direction? I woke up this morning and need a serious Robert fix and that pic is the only drug that will do. I'm so upset I didn't save that video. I'm wondering now if I didn't dream it??????? :unsure:

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Voila! In this very thread!

(post 4113 I think)

Viva la search engine! (I remembered that it was a talk about birthmarks at that moment)

Or not (the picture is not exactly what you described). But I hope it will help, neveretheless.

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