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Hot Pics of Robert


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. The guy behind him (is that Richard Cole?) looks like he is in awe. Lol when I look at this pic I hear the song: hallelujah. Too bad this isn't a video.

I can not believe no one is talking about this booty pic, I can not stop drooling lol.

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You know what.... I'll blame the smutiness on Robert himself, he does have that strange effect on me or at least everyone on this thread teehee! ;)

That man is an ever flowing waterfall of delectable smut and I love it.

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Robert - "Now then, what will we do now?"

Jimmy - "Dunno, but all I know is that my shirt is better than yours"


To me it looks like it was going along like this:

Robert: "Just another beautiful day in paradise with the sun hitting my chest, giving off a nice warm glow for all around to bask in."

Jimmy: "Damn it Jonsey! It's bad enough that Robert flashes everyone with his chest hair. Do you have to get in the act too?!"

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