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Hot Pics of Robert

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@jayceeporter - Love those pictures! Thank you! :D

P.S: Don't know if anyone has read the Hoskyns book, but seeing those images of Robert with the guitar makes me wonder if that quote in the book about Jimmy being pissed at Robert touching his babies has any truth to it? I mean, I don't think Jimmy would be that possessive about them...well at least when Robert touches it. :huh:

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i wish he was mines. if i could have anything in the world i would want him. i would rather have him than all the money in the world.

Get in line sister! and you have to go to the end of the line because i'm not letting anybody cut in front of me. :P Edited by LivingLovingHeartbreaker
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do you have details of these pics. i thought i had seen most of the plant pics out there but i'm glad to see there are a lot i still haven't seen .

Oops! Sorry - I didn't see this!!

The date is November 23rd, 1971 and it's backstage at Preston Public Hall, England

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The most beautiful picture of the most beautiful human being inside and out.

Dear Robert,

Tonight, I think I'm going to be crying along with you (judging from the previews I've seen of the Kennedy Honors ceremony) because I can only imagine you were not

just thinking of the wonderful performance/tribute before you, but of what could have been if only your best friend (Bonzo) was sitting right next to you.

Though I'm sure he's smiling from heaven (or laughing at you looking so prim and proper in a suit), his spirit will never die.


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