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Hot Pics of Robert

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Glad you ladies liked the pic of Robert with his parents; yes, his dad looks like a very fun person. A lot of my pics I get from Facebook: Led Zeppelin Nation, Led Zeppelin Out On the Tiles, Led Zeppelin Forever and Led Zeppelin: Achilles Last Stand, so I give them most of the credit! Here are some others to feast your eyes on....

post-24991-0-91069900-1373673526_thumb.j <----well HELLOOOOO THERE!

post-24991-0-57525000-1373673578_thumb.j <----VERY lucky lady, but not sure who she is?

post-24991-0-79130000-1373673593_thumb.j <-----((swoon))


post-24991-0-90753900-1373673750_thumb.j <-----on the set of TSRTS (they speculate)??

post-24991-0-62969000-1373673852_thumb.j <----this was supposedly Robert's passport photo in 1975

post-24991-0-14309500-1373673918_thumb.j <----St. Louis, 1973

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Also I have to ask-Robert's eyes are supposedly blue, but in most pictures, they appear to be brown or hazel. Anyone else notice this, or am I just insane???

Well if you are insane I must be too. For years I thought Robert's eyes were brown and they especially look so in the earlier years but now I am not so sure and as you say they are supposedly blue, I would love this clarified?

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i have noticed Robert has blue eyes, then on another photo they are brown, wondered if it was the lightening making the difference? Have you seen 'Robert Plant - the Golden God' on facebook? Some pictures on there from when he was a toddler. Oh a LZ sandwich Sozozoso!

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Gonna sound like the dog from the Churchill tv advert here....ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssss


Also one of the very few guys that you know that looks really good in bracelets etc without looking like Mr T!

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