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Hot Pics of Robert


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god guys, I've been so busy..been neglecting this thread, Zeppelin and even Robert..that went on for too damn long!! my man ain't happy with me I'm afraid..I hope he's gonna punish me a little..in a very sensitive way^^

post-17354-0-86796900-1375218244_thumb.j post-17354-0-32694100-1375218246_thumb.j

post-17354-0-87652800-1375218250_thumb.j post-17354-0-62985500-1375218253_thumb.j

not exactly new ones (I think), but always beautiful, just like him..

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Okay, guys, this is the plan. Honey Brown, The Minxster, Miss Melanie, LivingLovingHeartbreaker, Roxie, and the rest of their crew is heatedly on Robert's path. We've got to get him out of here safe and in one piece. Go! Stat! Whatever you do, don't look back as you run, or they'll turn you into stone. No worries, though. Robert will be protected by his prettiness. Remember, his a god.

you girls may want to add redhairedqueen22 to the mix

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Such a tease, i'm sure if he gets a bit hot and bothered under those lights, he'd might have a few helpers to undo er I mean help him with the rest of those buttons


look at how good he is looking these days with that shirt almost half unbuttoned

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