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Hot Pics of Robert


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So now ladies we have sorted out which "departments" of Robert we should see too, here are the relevant umm...areas

10369909_1473499526218849_28295472458544 The "Lemon Squeezing" department

10291082_1473498916218910_10414965607059 The "derriere" department

1554480_1473498476218954_948348580359963 The "nips ahoy!" department

10171676_1473500586218743_50470046513224 The "Lemon phase two" Department10257703_1473501236218678_64900359430084

The "Finger lickin good" department (aka...MY department)

10336791_1473502289551906_50360282135897 The "Gaze deep into your soul" department

10270592_10202171846721259_1278435611949 The "Golden God locks" department

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Hey, girls, when I said I want the "jeans department", I didn't mean his legs:)))) but what's underneath his jeans of course... so, if it's not much trouble for you, I'll take the "lemon squeezing" department!!!! My guess is Jessica is going to get the "locks department", am I right??

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I must appologise blockparted for the sheer cheek of stealing your fab photos of his hotness, I do rather get carried away everytime I drool..I mean see his photo and I just HAD to share them with my fellow Plantaides, but I kinda guess you being a fellow fan, you wouldn't mind either :)

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