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Hot Pics of Robert

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I must appologise blockparted for the sheer cheek of stealing your fab photos of his hotness, I do rather get carried away everytime I drool..I mean see his photo and I just HAD to share them with my fellow Plantaides, but I kinda guess you being a fellow fan, you wouldn't mind either :)

No! It's totally fine :)

I'm so glad to see them here and that someone else appreciates those hands because dammit, they look amazing. So yeah, there I am on tumblr if anyone wants - blockparted.tumblr.com

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"What ever I did, I did it from bottom of my heart, someday, when I have the time, I will sit back and think, just what I did wrong, what I did right"...

Hum Ne Jo be Kiya Dil se Kiya, kabhi fursat mili to baith ke sochen ge, kiya galat kiya kiay Thik kiya



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Thank you so much, SozoZoso!!!! I have no words... just speachless, to say he's a beauty is an understatement. He's so sexy in those pictures, I could look at him all day and more:) That reminds me: my 'lemon squeezing" department needs a little bit of attention, and the "derriere" department, too. I better get back to work:)) Thank you, God, for Robert!!!!

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