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Hot Pics of Robert


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Dear SozoZoso and girls all,
thank you for the movie: I considered it an homage for me because I am Italian.

Thank you very much SozoZoso!

Ok, I can explain something more about this movie.

This performance had place in the hot last week of august 1993 in Rimini, Italy.
The occasion was real uncommon because it was the annual "Meeting" in Rimini.
The "Meeting" is an annual appointment organized by Comunione e Liberazione, a discussed Italian Catholic organization.

This organization involve many young people who believe and live following strictly Catholic rules. For example many of them follow the rule of the sexual abstinence.

So it’s funny to my eyes that Robert was invited to sing one of the most exciting song of every time just in this place.
The priest who presented Robert suggested that “Whole Lotta Love” talks about the “Universal Love” . .. Hmmmm … It’s a very personal interpretation, I think….

Another thing I want mention is that in the first lane of public, near the priest, there are Carlo Massarini, a famous music journalist and TV personality, quite famous in Italy, and Mogol, the main Italian author, who wrote the lyrics of some of the best Italian songs of everytime.

In my opinion in this movie Robert is wonderful in every respect (he ended singing:"...and she's buying a stairway to Rimini ..."). Don't you?

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Wow thank you Orne for that information. I knew it was filmed in a church of some sort and it does look a little strange, the setup of a (should I say) a near naked leather clad rock star in a holy place.

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Dame Flo, I looooooooooove your "Wednesday Robert"!!!! Sexy! Hot!! Very hot! And, oh, those lips...... Same for your "second Wednesday Robert", SozoZoso! You know, I was thinking if there was a way for us to somehow enter the computer screen, like in that A-HA video: "Take on me" just to see him, to be near him, maybe at a concert or something?

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