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Hot Pics of Robert


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On 10/26/2012 at 6:33 PM, SteveAJones said:


This from Beresford "Bes" du-Cille, a former schoolmate of 60's era Band of Joy keyboard player Chris Brown:


Taken at my wedding in September 1969. Robert was my best man and had just returned from the first USA tour.


Oddly, Bes flatly refused to provide me the exact date and location of the wedding, nor any reception details. However Dazedjeffy contacted Bes via email a year or two ago and found Bes willing to discuss other matters:


*I actually went to school with Chris Brown (Band of Joy's keyboard player) I met Robert thru him, though I used to see RP passing the gas station where I had a part time job (I was still at school-about 1966).


*I went with Rob to see The Way of Life to have a look at Bonham-he was awesome and drowned out the band he was so loud!! I have to say he was a serious boozer even then and he and RP were always arguing-JB did not drive and always needed a lift home to Dudley (5 miles)-RP who had an old Morris Minor would never take him and made him go by bus!!!


*I was an occasional roadie for the band - I never drove so I humped gear-RP and Paul drove mainly a very old grey Light Delivery van.I used to give RP my old clothes-actually some of my newer ones as he was very persuasive!!!


*Pop Brown -Chris' Dad-was BOJ's manager that sacked Rob (from the first BOJ).


*When Rob was sacked from BOJ he formed another BOJ with a Band from Wolverhampton called THE PAPER (not the Paint as I have - read elsewhere AND pre Bonham,Gammond) RP encouraged them to paint their faces (he never did) and they used ordinary lipstick which after a weekend on skin was almost impossible to remove-one of the guys was a bank clerk and had to go to work like it!!! Cannot remember their names now but they were a nice bunch. I have a vague inkling that the original BOJ changed their name when RP left (The Good Egg?)


*I remember meeting Dave Pegg to talk about joining BOJ but it came to nothing.


*I may be wrong but I never remember Noddy Holder (Slade) being a roadie for BOJ (it was a LONG time ago.)


*I last saw Rob when I supplied him with a tape of the BOJ's Demos for his 66 to Timbuktu cd. All the band had demo acetates but had lost or broken them!! I was the only person with a complete tape!! [Jeff edit: Bes' tape sounds EXACTLY like what is on the 66 To Timbuktu CDs] I went to his home in Shatterford (about 20 miles away) and had a meal and went out for a drink with Rob and Lyndon Laney (Laney amps). Laker as he is known lives a few hundred yards from RP and I was a good friend of his too when we were at Grammar School in West Bromwich. He also played bass with BOJ for a time and his first big commission for equipment was from TRAFFIC - he made it all at home at first.


*As for the Hobstweedle setup that came about as far as I know when RP and the Band of Joy (RP,Bonham, Gammond,Lockey and Brown) split just before a gig at West Mids College of Education where I was training to be a teacher. Fellow students and I had lobbied the Entertainment Committee to book them (BOJ) and then to my dismay the split was sprung on us. However RP got some friends from Kidderminster Art College to fulfil the gig . They didn't go down too well with the students who were expecting The Band of Joy whose reputation had preceded them.Hobstweedle played heavy Blues. Unknown to me at the time, this was where Jimmy Page and Peter Grant came to check Rob out.


*The Korner gigs I only ever heard about from Rob.

Beresford du Cille has since confirmed the date of his wedding for which Robert Plant was the best man: September 27, 1969.


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1 hour ago, anniemouse said:

Thank you for posting these wonderful images; oddly melancholic in some of them . Never seen a Range rover with such an unusual paintjob on it.

Any idea where the stage shots are from.

The stage shots are from France 1973. But I don't recall which city at the moment.

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