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Hot Pics of Robert


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Me hopes those roses in his pants were de-thorned. :o

K I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this considering the man went commando. Oi. >.<

ETA: Gotta get back to a few pages back but caught a glimpse of the post before mine and was like :o Jeezlum! I better get out of here and read the rest first... holy smoke! :blush:

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Just found this on YouTube:

Robert With The Flaxen Hair

Click there --> Robert With The Flaxen Hair

New favorite for my collection... but there are alot of really well done vids on YouTube... one I particularly like (not sure if I favorited it) with him sitting in an older style wicker chair, possibly at the farm, and I believe it is an infant Karac, is sitting with him. Simply adorable, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all at the same time.

ETA: Here is a nice one: Plant, Robert Plant

Alas, not the one with Karac, I appear to have misplaced that one (shame on me, damn hormones at the time only wanted sexy stuff. :( )

Kinda had to sift through some mashups which should be in the mashup playlist to get to it... there's another one about him in tight jeans and there's a full version of a lil jig they did once onstage... which was added a s a clip in the newer Whole Lotta Love video. I also have the old, "naked chick" one favorited there somewhere. ;)

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