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Hot Pics of Robert

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:yay: Please can someone invent a time machine pronto!! I need to get back there!!!

me and Plant_girl were talking of it yesterday!!! Time machine would be an excellent way out...)

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Ive borrowed this from Micheal J Fox!! :hysterical:


OOoooh imagine if it really worked!

I`d burn out the flux capacitor!!....probably do the same to Robert too!!

WOW, i adore "back to the Future" :D i wish there was such a machine)))

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I love this photo. It makes me want to unzip his pants and give them a little tug down...just for his aaahhhhh, comfort; you understand. ;):blush:

I was 17 when Led Zep exploded on the world scene and remember well tight jeans on men and all the talk about what it supposedly did to the male sperm stores. Robert Plant was the reason for all the talk. He was the poster boy for it all, and deservedly so.

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How coincidental that I was just talking about how I've never seen Robert with anything on his head. What is that, anyway??

I think it maybe the same hat Audrey(?) is wearing in the photo bigstickbonzo posted or something similar? ....

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