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Hot Pics of Robert

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Wish I was more technically able and could download some of these onto my computer ...however I've probably drooled enough and I'll never get any work done.....have to say he's still gorgeous though .... but I particularly love the ones taken around 72 when I saw them play in Manchester....brings the memories flooding back!

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Those are precious! Thank you so much for posting. If you dont mind me asking,what magazine is that from?

They're from last week's Mail on Sunday newspaper. Knebby posted larger versions in the News section (thread titled ATTENTION, by desirezep). The pics with Carmen are adorable, aren't they. :wub:

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Knebby scans, I'm sure!



Hey, I owe Knebby an apology--I got these from ANOTHER site, having already seen 'em small at a DIFFERENT site, and posted here thinking they were 'out there'...

I've been over at the old l-z site madly saving pics, and what do you think I saw...these pics, FROM KNEBBY. My only excuse is that the title of the thread didn't say "Robert" in it so I kinda skipped it when I was going through the pics when I first got there...

'Ray, Knebby! :cheer:

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Hi, just dropping by again...I found this picture on my travels and I though you girls could have a good gawp at it...I don't have much use for it really! Enjoy:


Love Richard. :kiss: :kiss:

I have the big version of this! I use it as a wallpaper. What gorgeous hair! :wub:

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I was pouring over all the old funny captions I made on the old forum and I stumble across this one that you ladies over here might apprieciate:


Jimmy: "I don't know why you always do that!"

Robert: "Do what?"

Jimmy: "That...sit like that, with your legs wide and conspicuous. You give me no leg room at all!"

Robert: "I have to maintain the legend that I can't successfully close my legs because of certain things!"

:lol: :lol: Happy drooling ladies! :lol: :lol:

Love Richard


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