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Hot Pics of Robert

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I love Robert, he looks great, he is my favorite singer ever....but he is also a lame actor. :(


He didn't enjoy shooting the fantasy scenes you know.

Read in an interview that he was relieved when filming finally wrapped up.

When asked what he'd do if he didn't sing, he said he might even go back working in the streets but one thing he wouldn't do for a living is "go about like a fool until the guy in the high chair shouts "CUT!"". HAHA! Good ol Robert Plant. Never one to fake. LOL. :rolleyes:

Loved the scene where he rode the horse, the only scene where he didn't look so self-conscious about the camera. But the camera sure loved him!

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And with my luck I would be unfortunately in the second row :(:lol:



The second photo is amazing! They both are, but the second is just super yummy beautiful!


I couldn't resist :lol: I think I'm starting to get the hang of this adding colour stuff ..

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thanks for those! gee alison is a stunner, great body! and robert....well yes his face is wrinkled ( too much smoking ? ) but still handsome as ever! and at least he ( nor jimmy or john paul ! ) have gone all fat and sloppy looking like some others have..........robert still looks hot in jeans, and i love his shirt too. oh heck, whats not to love!

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