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Hot Pics of Robert


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Here's a somewhat better scan of the picture I love from Uncut magazine. Love what he's wearing here. Aww, but he looks kind of sad in it. Sad but hot. :D


Oh that's a great pic!

Is it from the issue with Led Zep on the cover? Are there anymore new pics from the issue?

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^These just keep getting better and better but I love his smile.

Me too. I tried to Photoshop the corners of his mouth upwards, but it just ended up scaring me. :blink:

The BloodyXXX - Yes, that was the issue with Zep on the cover. There were some new pics of JPJ and Jimmy, but that was it for newer Robert pics unfortunately.

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saw this today ....


interview inside with Robert only read part of it online...He says "kerrang dont write much about him these days ......when they do its only to take the p*ss!"

aww bless him...

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pretty cool pics!!

I love Robert too... :rolleyes:

I'm barely new here, but I would like to post some pics...

I dont know if they were already posted, but anyway, enjoy it...cause we never get tired of Robert! :D



hi and welcome! love your siggy!

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I don't get it. Why Robert Plant is always wearing buttoned up long sleeves and baggy pants and rarely showing his arms and such. I don't get it. Ah I need to see some Robert Plant skin.

At 60 or 20! :rolleyes:

^One of life's great mysteries I guess.

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