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Hot Pics of Robert


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Great pictures!! Oh yeah, he looks so charming with his children!! Speaking about them, I have a picture of his son...I'm afraid I do not remember his name. Here:


He's named Logan...and like is father...is hoooooooooooot!!! and cute... he haves a band...named Sons of Albion...you can check it on myspace...they are amazing!! and the guitarrist and drums playe of it are from my country!! on their myspace, you can see Logan's pic...he's so beautiful!!!

but...more beautiful...is for sure is dad...Robert!! *.*

thanks for the pics!

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Pity!! That's odd, probably I just have to wait longer for them to upload...

I have to wait a bit longer for your pics to show up too. Most likey because they're larger in size. It's a bit of a delay, but they show up for me.

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