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Hot Pics of Robert


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okay see this...my guitarist would kill me if I did that to his guitar, it'll be the day I'll sing my last tune...hell, I'm on the verge of killing Robert, it's a Les Paul!!! for christ's sake!

ahhh put it out put it out! lol

lol. I'd never dare touch ANYONES guitar - friend or foe. :lol:

not to mention trying to play it. :blink:

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Don't you guys know that Robert played guitar on NIght Flight in the studios?

I didn't actually know that.. I mean, I knew he played guitar somewhere along the line but didn't know the song. so thanks for that. :)

but many guitarists are still a bit touchy about people borrowing their guitars.. whether the person can or can't play the thing.

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I know. My dad plays guitar, and he can be picky about it.

same with some friends of mine..

seems to be different with bass players though. my bro plays the bass and every time I'm visiting, he keeps shoving the thing into my hands and wanting me to try and play something. :lol:

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