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Hot Pics of Robert


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no, no! dont rate them!!

then I wouldnt be able to see Robert, cause I'm a good girl, unable to violate that rating!! :shifty:

ok...he wont kill me...but he sure will make me faint with those pics!!! thanks BlackCountryWoman

haha. well, fear not! I couldn't be arsed to rate them anyway. :lol:

hmm. maybe I shouldn't use the term 'arsed' around youngsters.. :blink:

I reckon fainting is manageable! after all, we do have the emergency unit on stand-by. ;)

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Pictures of what is no more now that he has stopped being that guy and succumbed to Nashville's wiles. It was nice while it lasted, however brief and fleeting. Thank you for the memories, BlackCountryWoman. :)

Thanks a lot everyone. ;)

I used to think both posting on forums and bringing back the memories didn't make any sense, but all of you, with all your kindliness and sense of humour gave me the prove that I was wrong............ :drunk:sorry!........... :lol::lol:

And now, let's continue with our duties.......... :rolleyes:




:cheer: OMG :cheer:

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Hi! I'm normaly around on the Jimmy threads, but this one is definiteley gorgeous. Rocktsars with children on their lap make me always week...

i also agree , what a wounderful pic. such memories for them

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And here's the best one ever (special thanks to Roxie)!


For those who didn't read the Fantasy thread, you may be thinking "why the hell is there a box of Triscuits photoshopped in his hand"? :lol:

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It feels wrong to peek in here and not leave classic eyecandy behind





Send me just a sign angel on my mind

And if I should dream, I could dream of no other

Greatest Gift

Robert Plant

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